8 Unhealthy Habits That Are Making You Fat

bad habits make you fat

They say that old habits die hard. Changing the things that you are used to may be difficult, but these unhealthy habits could be making you fat.

Some people do different things trying to cut down on fat but go back home to their old lifestyle habits which prevent them from noticing any results.

Apart from working out, your lifestyle determines if you can lose weight or continue gaining weight.

You may be indulging in some unhealthy habits without realizing that they are the reasons why you are getting fat and setting yourself up for various heart diseases.

We will discuss some of these habits that you should watch out for and change to help you stop gaining excess weight.


1. Skipping Meals

Some of us have the perception that skipping meals is the secret to losing weight. On the contrary, skipping essential meals can make you gain weight instead of losing. Breakfast in the morning is a must have because you have spent a lot of hours fasting through the night.

Taking a healthy breakfast helps you fuel your body and stimulate your metabolism in preparation for the day.  It ensures that you don’t keep on getting hungry and snacking when you are busy at work. Go for fresh fruits in the morning and brown bread without margarine.

2. Portion Distortion

Who said that it is a must that you clear your plate? We often ignore the right portion sizes of food and eat more than we should.

Instead of focusing on finishing the food on your plate, concentrate on your body and do not proceed eating when you are full. If you cannot control the portions you eat, serve your food in small plates.

Quit after dinner treats since they make your digestion slow during the night. People like taking wine in the evening and this is a habit that makes you take in more calories than you should. Instead of wine, take a lot of water to keep your body hydrated and free from the extra calories.

3. Watching TV While Eating

watching TV and eat is bad habit

Watching your favorite movie while eating can distract you and make you eat more than you should.

Getting distracted while eating makes you consume a lot of unnecessary snacks without your knowledge.

Most people snack on unhealthy foods when watching the television such as crisps, fries or even ice cream.

Developing this habit can make you fat without knowing it.  If you have to eat while watching, consume cut veggies or fruits such as grapes to avoid consuming unhealthy calories. You can also take your meals before you start watching to avoid any distractions.

4. Maintaining Overweight Friends

It is hard to control your eating habits if the people you hang around with are overweight. You probably go shopping together and buy similar food items that may not be healthy.

The chances of you overeating when you hang around friends who are doing the same are high.

For you to lose weight, you must hang around people who motivate you to do so and not make you continue eating. Get a friend who works out and join them during their practice. They will give you the drive to cut down some extra pounds.

You are the average of the five closest people that you hang out with. Some food for thought.

5. Ignoring The Scale

How often do you weigh yourself? Most of us avoid the scale and assume that our weight is normal even when this may not be true.

Weighing yourself helps you to remain accountable and monitor your weight so that you can work towards not adding more to it.

You can also remain accountable by making use of smartphone apps that help you monitor your diet program like Myfitnesspal.

Apps can track the number of calories you take to prevent you from overindulging.



6. Eating In Restaurants

Restaurants have become our favorite spots to hang around with friends as we enjoy unhealthy meals. Though restaurants reduce the stress of preparing foods, looking for ingredients and waiting for hours for the food to be ready, they make you fat.

They serve a lot of filler foods that come with unhealthy oils which increase the levels of bad cholesterol in the body.

Filler foods contain additional calories that make you gain weight fast. Instead of eating out every day, prepare healthy meals at home and carry them for lunch during the day. Avoid going for dinner dates at fancy restaurants regularly.

Unless you plan on ordering grilled chicken breasts and salad every time.

7. Sleeping Too Much Or Too Little

sleeping habits affect weight gain

Sleeping for very few hours can make you accumulate belly fat easily.

The lack of sufficient sleep stimulates the production of cortisol which regulates your appetite.

It can make you feel hungry even after taking food within a few hours.

This does not mean that you spend the entire day sleeping. Such a habit can make your body store a lot of fat without your knowledge.

You need to make your body physically active as you balance the hours that you sleep and remain awake.


8. Eating Too Much ‘Low Fat’ Food

Unfortunately, most foods that are marketed as low-fat diets are not exactly healthy. Some also contain labels that read “fat-free.” Though they may contain minimal calories, they substitute the fats with carbohydrates which get digested quickly. This leads to a sugar rush after taking them and make you feel hungry within a short period.


From the above, you can see how easy it is to get fat without one’s knowledge. Losing weight is the challenging part that takes time but it is not rocket science.

It does involve lots of common sense like eating healthy, working out and/or taking an effective and natural fat burner like Ultra Omega Burn if you decide to invest in one.

Therefore, start working on the habits above to prevent your body from gaining extra pounds.

Tracy Bloom