7 Reasons to Avoid Crash Diets At All Cost

avoid crash diets

Everybody dreams of being in good shape. A crash diet allows you to burn calories in a short period. Losing weight by creating a severe transformation to your regular food is terrible for your mind and body. You tend to lose weight, but it is not only useless body fats that you are losing but also muscles tissue. Metabolism drops which lead to gain weight in future and make it difficult to lose weight. A crash diet is not a healthy way of losing weight that results in a very short duration.

Here Are The 7 Reasons To Avoid Crash Diets

1. Weaken immune system

The human body is made in such a way that it needs a stable flow of proper nutrients to function appropriately. And drastic dropping of calories weakens the immune system which can cause a diversity of health threats, and affect the hormone levels which drops down the metabolic rates. Eating a smaller amount than your calorie necessity for many days will weaken the immune system. Lack of vitamins like A/E/D/K can cause health issues in the future as they are rich in supporting the immune system.

2. It can upset bowel habits/ hormonal imbalances

Crash diets are not acceptable. Continuous calorie discrepancy will lead to a hormonal difference in leptin and ghrelin. Hormones manage your hunger. These hormones can make robust and powerful food yearnings that allow you to indulge in foodstuffs that you usually yearn for. During a crash diet, the body begins using the preserved energy kept inside the body, which results in a reduced hormonal difference and metabolic rate. A crash diet can also cause tummy troubles. The right amount of nourishment in the diet can result in consistent and regular bowel movement.

3. It can damage your skin and hair quality

crash diets cause bad skin

Crash diet can harm your physical appearance due to lack of nutrients and vitamins in the body. It even affects your hair and skin qualities due to lack of proper nourishment in your body. It makes your skin to look dull and dry. The loss of muscles tissue from the body because of crash diets make the skin look loose and droopy. Many of the minerals and vitamins in the body do not form according to the skin desires. As a result of continuous tightening and stretching, the skin tends to lose its flexibility and softness. Crash diet also increases the risk of aging.

If you have poor skin condition, read how you can put the glow back into your skin.

4. It can cause dehydration

Proper hydration is essential for new cell creation. Dehydration can cause dizziness, fainting due to exercising and hard work, and headaches. Whenever there is a change in the diet, the first thing the body loses is the water weight. Staying hydrated is essential. The crash diet causes severe dehydration as it is mainly the water weight of the body that you miss. If the body is hydrated, you will have glowing and healthy looking skin.

5. Multiple side effects

It is essential to have a balanced and healthy diet to sustain a well-balanced body composition. This crash diet promotes the wrong kind of weight loss. It harmfully changes the appearance of your physique. It also burns more muscle tissue than fat. Crash diet can lead to many side effects like constipation, hair loss, dehydration, and acute gout. It also includes low blood sugar, abnormal heart rate, electrolyte imbalances, and many more. Losing weight quickly because of a crash diet can cause dizziness due to the imbalance of nutrition. Weakness in the body, muscle cramps, bad breath, and a craving for sugar is because of low carbohydrates in a diet.

6. Energy loss

Crash diets help in losing weight however it results in energy loss and makes you feel fatigue as it comes from glycogen and water. Because of a decrease in nutrients and vitamins, the body fails to produce energy that leads to tiredness and sluggish. Crash diet results in sleepiness, fatigue, and a feeling of weakness as it does not provides sufficient strength. A crash diet is not a well-balanced diet, and therefore it results in starvation or shortage of nutrients in the body. Considering the outcomes of a crash diet will transform your mentality about starving yourself and confidently persuade you to take a healthier approach to a fat beating diet.

7. Slows metabolism

A high metabolism is important for losing weight. Rapid loss of weight can slow the metabolism. Slowing of metabolism will allow the body to burn up fewer calories. This may become easy to gain weight with a lesser quantity of food as well. Due to a reduction in metabolism, it becomes difficult to lose weight due to the body’s natural metabolism.

When the body is weak, insufficient nourishment, the metabolism slows, and the body starts to use both fat and muscle for fuel. This means that you lose muscles along with the fat. Crash diet causes the fat to accumulate, and the muscles tissues are burned up instead of the calories and fats. This leads to a massive loss of tissues and loss of muscles just about organs like the liver, kidneys, and the brain. A well balanced and nourishing diet promotes high-quality health and also maximizes metabolic function.


While the crash diet appears to be tempting to bring about rapid and remarkable weight loss, however, it is not something that you would want to embark on. It is essential to think about the likely risks and have a discussion with the doctor if you have any health issues. The crash diet is merely excellent for an instant weight loss plan at a cost but it is not suggested for an extended period, and it is also not for everybody. It has done more damage than good things.

Sometimes it is challenging to hold on to your boring and slow diet as it develops a dull and boring sensation. The most excellent method to get to your healthy weight and give the impression of being the best is to do it gradually and consider taking a natural fat burner like Ultra Omega Burn. It contains pure Omega 7 and has many other health benefits than just helping you lose weight. Read more about the workings of Ultra Omega Burn if you are keen to find out how it works.

A practical daily work out schedule and well-balanced diet will smoothly get you to boost up, and keep the weight away for good. Using a useful dieting idea may acquire a little more time, but it will produce a positive result at the end.

Tracy Bloom