5 Effective Ways To Lose Weight After Pregnancy

For many women, trying to shed weight after giving birth is an uphill task – you are trying to take care of your baby while adjusting to new routines and recovering at the same time. However, it is crucial to recover and go back to a healthy weight, especially if you are planning to have more children in the future.

It is normal for a pregnant woman to gain weight because this will consist of the breast tissue, amniotic fluid, blood, placenta, extra fat and uterus enlargement. Gaining too much weight though is usually referred to as ‘baby weight’ and can lead to health risks. Here are some ways to shed the extra weight.

1. Avoid Crash Dieting

Crash dieting is a very bad idea, even more so when you have just given birth. Crash dieting refers to the process of going on a low-calorie diet to lose as many pounds as possible at a faster rate. When you have just had a baby, the body needs the extra nutrition to recover from the process of childbirth, as well as to nurse the baby; so you need to eat well.

Crash diets will leave you feeling tired and lacking the required nutrition to breastfeed the baby and neither will you have the energy to stay up and take care of your baby. What you should do instead is to slowly reduce your food intake, which will help you shed the weight safely.

2. Dance With Your Baby

You will be spending most of your days with your newborn for the first year of their lives, so make it as enjoyable as possible. For instance, you can put on your favorite music and bust some moves while carrying your newborn, or have dance sessions with them when you play and exercise and let them enjoy your goofy side of your personality. Not only does this keep you active, but it also helps you bond with your child and helps you shed some extra pounds.

Exercise has been shown to improve moods, so on those days you feel low, bonding with the baby through these methods can also lift you up; even if you do not have a gym membership.

3. Breastfeed As Often As You Can

There are numerous benefits that happen due to breastfeeding. They include supporting the immune system of the child, providing them with nutrition, reducing your risk of disease as well as the baby’s, and even reducing the size of the uterus.

Along with these, breastfeeding proves to be a way of supporting your weight loss efforts. A study that was done on more than 4,500 women found that they lost an average of 1.68 kg, or 3.7 pounds when they were breastfeeding their newborns – compared to non-breastfeeding women. This even applied six months after they delivered.

In fact, another Danish study found that if the mother gained the recommended weight during their pregnancy, they could shed it off as quickly as within six months after giving birth through breastfeeding.

However, note that it may be difficult to shed weight during the first three months as the body is still recovering and you are also taking calories due to the increasing need. Your physical activity is also reduced because of the recovery process.

4. Start Exercising

As much as your body is not physically ready to do strenuous exercises like squats and crunches, especially during the first six months, that does not mean you slack off completely and not do anything about it. Even the simplest forms of cardio like jogging and walking can make a major difference in helping your body burn calories, as well as giving numerous health benefits.

Take advantage of the fact that you are going to numerous places with your baby like the clinic for their medical checkups. Instead of driving all the way to the venue, you can park at a considerable distance away, then walk for the rest of the way with your child. When going to the grocery store, you can do the same thing.

Even going for morning strolls with your baby can make a difference – aim to walk for at least fifteen minutes to an hour every day, obviously depending on how cooperative your child is. Exercise alone will not help you lose weight though, as that is something you must combine with good nutrition.

Consider also taking a natural fat burner like Ultra Omega Burn which is made from pure Omega 7. Not only does this fatty acid help with weight loss but it also helps to rejuvenate skin especially stretch marks which is a common problem after giving birth.

When you are trying to recover from delivery, it is more important to pay attention to the amount of aerobic exercise you do, rather than the intensity. Therefore you do not need to rush back into the gym during this time, but help your body recover faster by doing light routines that will boost your metabolism to help with fat burning.

Do discuss your exercise routines with your doctor before weight loss plan to ensure you don’t develop complications.

5. Find A Support Group

It may be beneficial to lose weight with other mothers who are in similar situations, as studies have shown people tend to lose weight faster when they are in a group setting and are able to motivate each other.


It is very common to have extra weight after giving birth, but it is important to get back to a healthy weight to minimize any health risks. It will also give you more time with your child and become more involved in the process of raising them. It is important to find a method you enjoy and fits your lifestyle so that you can stick to it and be consistent.

Tracy Bloom