10 Awesome Health Benefits of Drinking Green Tea

health benefits green tea

It is not a secret that one of the healthiest drinks available out there is green tea. Rich with antioxidants and nutrients, it can improve your body in so many ways.

Numerous studies have been carried out to further understand the good effects of green tea on the body. If you wanted to start a healthy lifestyle, start by incorporating green tea into your diet plan.

The following are the ten awesome health benefits of drinking green tea.

1. Improves cognitive functions

Studies have proven that green tea can benefit your brain health. It contains caffeine, which acts as a stimulant. It allows your brain to increase the neurons and improve your concentration. Basically, it works like a coffee minus the palpitations and jittery effects.

Drinking green tea can help improve your memory, reaction time, and your mood. If you want to become smarter, green tea can help you better absorb what you’re trying to study.

2. Aids weight loss

Another one of the amazing benefits of green tea is that it helps in your weight loss. According to studies, green tea can improve the metabolism and stimulate fat burning in the body. It can also suppress your appetite, which makes it easier to shed unwanted weight.

Drinking green tea helps to form new blood vessels and, in turn, can support your weight management. It also helps in keeping the balance of good cholesterol and bad cholesterol in your system.

3. Reduces the risks of cancer

Another fantastic benefit of drinking green tea is it decreases the chances of cancer. Thanks to its anti-angiogenesis effect, one can avoid fat gain that helps in blocking the disease from spreading throughout your body. Studies have suggested that green tea can help in killing cancer cells in the body without damaging the surrounding tissues.

4. Improves depression

Green tea has been linked to improving moods and depression. When you want to relax, you will find a lot of sources saying that you should have a cup of green tea. It’s because of the amino acid Theanine that can be found in the tea leaves. This property can cause a relaxing effect on the tea drinker and, as a result, a lifted mood in the long run.

5. Reduces the risks of heart diseases

If you came from a family with a history of heart diseases, you should consider drinking green tea regularly. Even if you’re not, reducing the risks of heart diseases will give you a sense of security as you age. A study reveals that people who drink green tea regularly have lesser risks of reducing cardiovascular diseases. Green tea is a healthy alternative to sugary drinks and can help you to prevent obesity.

6. Improves your physical performance

If you can notice, most of the fat burning supplements in the market contains green tea as their active ingredient. A study has revealed that drinking green tea can improve one’s physical performance. If you think you are feeling down in the gym, you should consider drinking green tea. The caffeine that it contains can help you to feel more active, and it also boosts your energy level. If you want to feel more confident about your physical performances, consider drinking green tea before you go.

7. Supports your aging process

People over 40 are most likely prone to developing Alzheimer’s and memory loss. These neurodegenerative diseases may result in dementia. Fortunately, green tea can help to lower the risks of such cases by just consuming it regularly. Green tea will keep your brain cells protected, and it also restores other damaged brain cells. It contains bioactive compounds that can protect your brain and retain your sharp memory as you age.

8. Kills bacteria

Green tea is also known as an anti-bacterial ingredient that can lower your risks of infection. It contains catechins that can instantly kill harmful bacteria in your mouth. As a result, you will have stronger, whiter teeth and can avoid various infections. The minty taste of green tea also helps you to keep your breath fresh at all times. Studies have proven that green tea is also anti-viral. It can treat influenza and cancer. It also stops the virus from spreading throughout the body.

9. Lowers the risks of type 2 diabetes

Aside from cancer, diabetes is one of the leading death-causing diseases in the world. Approximately 400 million people in the world are affected by type 2 diabetes. It also helps in improving insulin sensitivity and a great way to reduce blood sugar levels.

A study from Japan shows that people who regularly drink green tea have lower risks of acquiring type 2 diabetes by up to 42%. It also shows that green tea can cause a mild reduction in your blood sugar levels. Drinking green tea will protect you from the threat of diabetes as you age.

10. Extends your lifespan

Death is inevitable, but it is tragic to die because of a disease that you could’ve avoided. Drinking green tea may help you to live longer and watch your family grow.

A study in Japan shows that Japanese adults who regularly drink green tea are less likely to die in a period of 11 years. By avoiding the risks of cardiovascular, respiratory, and brain diseases, you can enjoy the rest of your golden days with your loved ones without suffering from anything.


The benefits of drinking green tea are beyond what you can imagine. It’s incredible how these tea leaves can help you to lead a better, healthy life just by regularly drinking it.

Now that you know the green tea benefits, it’s high time that you incorporate it into your daily diet. There are lots of supplements in the market that contains green tea, and lots of fun smoothies that you can try with green tea. But simply preparing it with hot water is the best way to drink it.

Green tea is a fantastic drink that will pull you out of your sedentary lifestyle. It is the first step towards becoming the healthiest version of yourself.






Tracy Bloom