6 Health Benefits of Jumping Rope

jumping rope benefits

Jump rope isn’t just for boxers and school kids. It’s a versatile and extremely effective cardio exercise. If you’re yet to be converted to the jump rope life, read on to find out six reasons why you should be jumping rope.

1. It’s Versatile And Affordable 

By jumping rope, you can get your heart rate up every day from the comfort of your home. If you’re not keen to join a gym, or you want an instant cardio option, definitely try skipping. Jump ropes are affordable to buy and all you have to do is find a large enough area where you can skip without hitting anything.

What you need: all you need is a good skipping rope, supportive shoes and a large enough area. If you’re unfamiliar with jumping rope, start with a plan of 6-8 sets of 50 jumps. The little break in between will help you to catch your breath, but the number of sets will get your heart pumping hard.

2. It’s A Good Alternative To Running 

Not everyone likes to run. The good news is that you can get a similar cardio hit by jumping rope. If you do like to run but the weather has turned on you, you can always jump rope instead. A garage with a high enough roof or a sheltered area outside can suffice to get your workout done without venturing into bad weather.

If you hate running but want a reliable cardio option: jump rope. Studies have shown that fast skipping burns more calories than jogging or slower running. As mentioned below, skipping is also easier on the joints than running for many people, and it works more muscles too.

3. Jumping Rope Helps With Coordination

 Jumping rope isn’t only good for the body and heart, it’s great for the brain. It takes great coordination to get a steady and fast skipping rhythm going. Studies have been conducted to explore the benefits of jumping rope on coordination and the news is good.

Your upper body needs to be in synch with your lower body (unless you want to trip over). This means your brain gets a great workout to keep things going smoothly.

If you play team sports or you simply feel like your coordination needs sharpening, add jump rope to your workout. Your coordination will remain sharp and alert for playing fast and strategic games.

If you’re just beginning, don’t try any fancy tricks. Just focus on a simple double-leg jump. Go as fast as you can so that the rope gets good momentum, but don’t get too speedy that you lose coordination. Once you have got a good rhythm going, then you can get faster and add some different elements to the workout.

4. It’s Good For Your Bones 

Jumping rope is basically just lots of small jumps in quick succession. The impact of these jumps can really help to increase bone density in the lower body. Running can place pressure on the heels and shoot harmful impact up into the knees and hips (depending on stride style).

This can result in some pretty painful injuries and issues. However, skipping places the impact onto the balls of the feet, which protects the knees and hips. If you are landing softly, (which takes more effort and muscle control) you can increase your bone density without risking injury.

This is great for women as they lose bone density as they age, resulting in a high risk of osteoporosis. Strength training and jumping rope are ideal for keeping the bones dense and strong through the decades.

A soft gym floor or grass is a great surface to jump rope on. Hard concrete also works, but make sure you have very supportive shoes with cushioning. A yoga or gym mat can be placed on hard surfaces to make the impact less harsh.

5. Jumping Rope Burns Calories 

A hard, fast jump rope session included in your workout plan can help to burn high numbers of calories and blast fat. You can burn more calories with a hard, intense burst of jump rope than with other types of cardio such as steady running. If weight-loss is your goal, then get a rope and start jumping as soon as you can.

And if fat loss is your objective, consider a natural fat loss supplement like Ultra Omega Burn which contains Omega-7 which has many other health benefits too.

If time is tight and you don’t have time for lengthy workouts, aim for a few five-minute jump rope sessions a day. One when you get up, one in the middle of the day and one at night. You will be raising your heart rate and burning calories without wasting any time. Just make sure there’s a shower handy, as you’ll be getting pretty sweaty. As your fitness improves, up your sessions to ten minutes.

6. It Can Work The Entire Body

 If you have good jump rope form, you can really work your whole body. Holding your core tight as you jump activates the abdominal muscles. Keeping the elbows to your sides and using your forearms to turn the rope works the upper arms and shoulders. The lower body also gets a major workout, of course.


Jumping rope is a fast, convenient and versatile workout for burning calories and raising the heart rate. Coordination, rhythm and endurance are required to get to a fast and steady skipping pattern, so the brain gets a good stretch too. If you’re unsure, just get yourself a rope and give it a try in the comfort of your own home, garage or backyard. Remember: a ten-minute burst of fast skipping is better than watching TV on the couch. . .and it’s even better than running.

Tracy Bloom